I am new to HKBU, how do I register / activate my SSOid?

For new staff, please click here to follow the online instructions. A new staff should wait for three (3) working days after he or she has signed and returned the employment contract to Personnel Office (PERS) before trying to register the account using the above link.  Do not try to register earlier than three (3) working days as the system may not be able to locate your record.  For new staff who are returning the employment contract from overseas, it may take up to seven (7) working days for PERS to update the staff records into the system.   Please access our online demo on how to register a new staff account.

For new students, please click here to follow the online instructions.  The SSOid for a student is pre-defined to be the student number, for example, 12045678. Other security settings such as password and security questions can be defined during the activation process.  Please access our online demo on how to register a new student account.