1. What is PDF-XChange?
    PDF-XChange is a software solution to create, view, edit and manipulate PDF files. Please refer here for the detailed functionalities of the product.

  3. Who is eligible to use PDF-XChange?
    PDF-XChange is available for use by staff on PCs with the campus.
    For students, they are allowed to use this software on campus PCs but installation and use on the personal equipment is specifically prohibited.

  5. Where can I download PDF-XChange?
    An integrated installer is available here.

  7. Do I need to uninstall Acrobat Pro before using PDF-XChange?
    Colleagues are required to remove existing Acrobat Pro installed in their PCs after 4 March, 2019. An integrated installer is available in ITO website to (1) uninstall Acrobat Pro DC / XI and (2) install PDF-XChange.
    Alternatively, you may manually uninstall Acrobat Pro from ‘Control Panel → Programs and Features’ (Windows 7) and ‘Settings → Apps’ (Windows 10)

  9. Can I use PDF-XChange on MacBook?
    PDF-XChange provides only Windows operating system and does not have Mac version. However, Mac OS provides basic functionality to create, edit, print and annotate PDF files. Colleagues can acquire Acrobat Pro, if necessary, via FO.

  11. How to secure PDF documents with PDF-XChange?
    You can restrict access to a PDF file by setting a password to the Document.

  13. I really need Acrobat Pro. What should I do ?
    Colleagues can acquire Acrobat Pro individually.

  15. Can I install PDF-XChange in my home’s PC?
    Please note that the integrated installer can only be installed in the PCs on our campus.

  17. I want to know more about the software. What should I do ?
    Please refer to the Product Manual or the Knowledgebase contain articles about the software and other relevant information if you have any queries