What are the criteria for applying Departmental or Project account?

All staff, student, programme and department accounts have been automatically created, provisioned and maintained according to standard handling rules. However, there are still some other types of IT service accounts which require special manual handling. Below describes some principles and guidelines for handling these non-standard provisioning accounts. Type of accounts include:

A. Project-based including Task Force, e.g. workgroup/specific-purposed task force, and University Event (@project.hkbu.edu.hk with Gmail domain)
B. Individual department can also apply for a departmental account subject to approval. (@hkbu.edu.hk with HKBU domain)

Only personal accounts will have the campus Wi-Fi access.

Principles for Accounts Provisioning

Although there is flexibility of providing additional named account, the following guidelines should be strictly imposed to avoid abusing of the system:

  1. All accounts should be provided on a need basis;
  2. Adequate justification is required upon request;
  3. Usage and IT services required should be specified clearly;
  4. Multiple accounts should not be created for a particular identity for different operating functions, e.g. different email accounts for different kinds of email topics;
  5. The applications should be authorized by the Dean of Faculty/School, Director of Centre/Programme or Head of Department/Office;
  6. No print quota will be associated with the account;

Account Ownership

All non-personal accounts (except type A listed in Section 1) are under the custodian of the Faculty/School/Department/Office which should be responsible for the information kept in the corresponding accounts while designated staff should be delegated for the account operation.

Account Validity Period

All accounts must have a validity period to avoid the abuse of system resources (except type B in Section 1). In normal circumstances, the account expiry date should not be set more than 3 years to maintain a close review of all assigned account services.

Guideline for Users

The request for special or project account is limited to the University staff only. The applicant shall:

  1. Read and agree the information of this page and its related links.
  2. Fill in the e-Form and seek for the approval from department head or project manager.
  3. Submit the form to ITO Service Call Centre.
  4. The application will be processed, verified and confirmed by ITO staff within 5 working days.
  5. The applicant can check the request status online after confirmation.