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The single platform to access various HKBU services and information.
HKBU Mobile

Easily access your timetable, course grade records, and more.

HKBU Mobile

Search staff contacts and apply leave on mobile device.

HKBU Mobile
Alumni & General Public

Access to latest University information.

Please download the official mobile app below.

HKBU Mobile HKBU Mobile
HKBU e-Card HKBU e-Card

HKBU e-Card
(for Students*)

HKBU Student e-Card is your digital identity. It is tied in with HKBU Mobile providing an alternative to the physical student card with added security.

You can enter the following locations at the Kowloon Tong Campus by displaying the QR code on your HKBU Student e-Card.

  • HKBU Libraries
  • Sports Centres
  • Student Residence
  • Learning Commons

We will be adding more services and benefits to the e-Card. Please register your HKBU e-Card now and stay tuned!

* The HKBU Mobile will be functional at some regions only when connected with VPN.



Explore the latest news of the Hong Kong Baptist University

HKBU Events

HKBU Event Calendar provides the University community as well as the public with information on the University’s events and activities.

Campus Map

Location of campuses, buildings, catering, and green campus facilities.


Information of facilities in the University (including Library, Catering Facilities etc.)

Sports Facility Booking
(For Students / Staff)

Reserve sports facility and pay the booking fee online.

(For Students / Staff)

Daily updates from faculties, schools, academic departments, research centres and administrative offices.

Bad Weather Notification
Bad Weather Notification
(For Students / Staff)

You will be notified whenever a typhoon or rainstorm warning signal is raised.

e-Directory (For Staff)

Search staff directory for contact information.

Leave (For Staff)

Apply, enquire and approve leave records.

User Guide

e-Medical Claims
e-Medical Claims (For Staff)

Apply, and enquire medical claims records

User Guide

Attendance Check-In
Attendance Check-In
(For Staff)

Real-time attendance tracking of SLES activities. (click here for more details)

Study (For Students)
Access to students' academic related information including Class Timetable, Exam. Timetable and Grade Records. 
Finance (For Students)

Access to students' financial related information including e-Statement, Loan/Exchange Disbursement, Scholarship/Bursary and Studentship.

Co-curricular Activity
Co-curricular Activity  
(For Students)

Registration for student co-curricular activities. QR Code for attendance taking.

U-Life Fulfilment
U-Life Fulfilment
(For Students)

Check student U-life Fulfilment so that the U-Life requirement can be completed on time.


* The HKBU Mobile will be functional at some regions only when connected with VPN.

HKBU Mobile
Safeguard your Privacy

Sensitive information are protected with your SSOid Password or Biometric Authentication
(Biometric Authentication supported on iPhone / iPad and Android devices with Android 9 or above).

HKBU Mobile
Biometric Authentication
HKBU Mobile
HKBU Mobile
HKBU Mobile
HKBU Mobile
E-Medical Claims
HKBU Mobile
HKBU Mobile
HKBU Mobile

HKBU Mobile is the official mobile app for the University community to access various HKBU services and information in one single platform.

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Download APK

You can download and install the HKBU Mobile application file if your Android device does not support Google Play Services. However, features like Push Notifications and Campus map might not be functional.

Version (16 May 2024)

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