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A full version of Microsoft 365 is available online for access by Students and Staff with their SSOid.  Moreover, the desktop versions of Office applications can also be downloaded for installation across their personal devices.  Windows and Mac are supported.

Microsoft 365 Microsoft 365



Eligible staff and students can download and install Microsoft 365 apps on up to 5 machines, being PC or Mac as well as mobile apps on up to 5 mobile devices.

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You can login to download and install Microsoft 365 apps for using offline.

You can install and sign in Microsoft 365 on up to 5 PCs or Macs. Sign-in on mobile apps do not count towards the total number of installations.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook and OneDrive are included in desktop, web and mobile apps. Access and Publisher are available in PCs only.

You will no longer be able to use Microsoft 365 upon account expiry for current staff/students. Please backup all files stored in OneDrive (if applicable) before your departure.

For students, you can access to Outlook or OneDrive on web with your Alumni account until further notice.

No, Microsoft 365 license is for use by HKBU Staff and Students only. Any forms of license transfer, even to other HKBU affiliated members, are prohibited.

Visit (sign-in required). Go to ’Apps & devices’.

For detailed steps, please refer to user guide ‘Manage My Associated Microsoft 365 Apps’.


For Windows PC: After sign-in to Microsoft 365, click ‘Install apps’ > ‘Other installation options’

Click ‘View apps & devices’

Select the preferred language. Click ‘Install Office’ to download the Apps

For Mac: This can be done by changing your primary language in System Preferences for your Mac OS.

a) Go to ‘System Preferences’ >  ‘Language & Region’.

b) Drag  ‘Chinese, Traditional (or Chinese, Simplified)’ to the top as the primary language.

c) Click ‘Restart Now’ when prompted.

d) The language of Microsoft 365 applications should be changed to your preferred language when you launch the applications next time.

No. You are recommended to remove all existing Microsoft Office installations (including trial versions of Microsoft 365) before installing Microsoft 365.

The detailed steps for Staff, please refer to user guide ‘Uninstall Microsoft Office 2016/2019 in Windows 10’.

Please ensure the system time and time zone is correct before activation.

Please refer to user guide ‘Manage your OneDrive storage'.

Please refer to user guide ‘Share OneDrive files and folders‘.

OneDrive has a maximum URL path length of 260 characters. You cannot sync the file if the path exceeds 260 characters.

Please refer to ‘Restrictions and limitations in OneDrive and SharePoint’ on Microsoft website.

Please refer to user guide ‘Login Outlook account on the web’.

Please refer to user guide ‘Check Outlook Mailbox storage’.

Please refer to user guide ‘Setup Automatic Replies’.

Please refer to user guide ‘Setup Forward All Emails’.

Please refer to user guide ‘Setup Email Signature’.

Please refer to user guide ’Enable/Disable Focused Inbox’.

Please refer to user guide ‘Setup Dark Mode’.

Please refer to user guide ‘Turn off/on Conversation View’.

10,000 recipients per day.



For staff who need to send email over 10,000 recipients per day, please fill out the online form [IT038] Mass Mail Distribution Request Form.

Maximum number of allowed recipients in the To, Cc and Bcc lines is 500.