Important Notice

All staff, students and qualified retirees are entitled to a University email account which is hosted by Microsoft Office 365 (O365).  Separate domain names ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’ are created for staff, students and retirees respectively.  For alumni, please click here for details.

Email accounts for all staff, students and departments have already been automatically created.  There are occasions where departments / staff may require additional accounts to facilitate their educational collaboration or legitimate business with the University.  For such, special email accounts may be requested by departments/offices for the following purposes:

  • Research centre / institution
  • University event / activity / conference / consultation session / forum
  • Academic project
  • Staff recruited and stationed in PRC / HKBU affiliates
  • New academic programme / concentration
  • Special committee / functional body


Guideline for Email Account Creation:

  1. All accounts should be provided on a need basis;

  2. Allow sufficient lead time for account processing;

  3. Proper justification is expected;

  4. Multiple accounts should not be requested for a particular identity for different operating functions, e.g. different email accounts for different kinds of email topics;

  5. An application should be authorized by the Dean of Faculty/School, Director of Centre/Programme or Head of Department/Office;

  6. All accounts created upon request will have a validity period of no more than 3 years for which subsequent extension may be requested if needed.

Outlook Email Client Setup Guides

For Staff, Associate, Department and Project Accounts:

For Student, Alumni, Student Organisation Accounts:

Users should refrain from sending bulk emails.  Where possible, users should first consider disseminating information to the University community through the e-Announcement channel.  Users may use their application system (e.g. SIS) to send out bulk emails at their discretion, if such function is available.

Approval must be obtained from P/VC, Provost, VPs, Associate VPs, Deans, Director of AVA, or Heads of Administrative Offices for mass email delivery by ITO to all staff and/or all students according to the requirements below:

Mass Mail Recipients


Cutoff Time*

Delivery Time*

P/VC, Provost, VPs or Associate VPs



All staff and/or all students

Dept, Faculty, School, Centre: Deans or Director of AVA

Admin Offices: Head


After 19:00

Recipients with email addresses provided

Dept, Faculty, School, Centre: Deans or Director of AVA
Admin Offices: Head


After 19:00

*Mon – Fri except public holidays


Please make sure these guidelines are complied with before a request is submitted using the Mass Mail Distribution Request Form.


IMPORTANT: According to the GUIDELINES FOR USAGE OF INFORMATION RESOURCES, university members should never send abusive emails or attachments, even if they are responding to an email of a similar nature. This includes e-mails targeting the recipient directly. Also, one should never send emails, or include attachments in emails, the contents of which may be considered unlawful, harmful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic, indecent or profane.


As regards personal data privacy, one shall refer to the latest version of HKBU’s Code of Practice on the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.


One should take note that failure to observe any information resources usage, data protection principle and/or any contravention of a principle may lead to disciplinary actions or a legal offence.

In order to present a consistent image of the University, all outgoing external message sent via the University’s email system will have a standard U-wide email disclaimer embedded as follows:

Disclaimer20180504 Disclaimer20180504

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