Important Notice
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  1. Your account in HKBU – SSOid Account
    Single Sign On user id (SSOid) is created automatically for both staff and students to sign in to the intranet and U-wide IT services using one set of login credentials. You can enjoy different IT services with a valid SSOid account. You should change your password regularly.

  2. Register your first mobile device for MFA
    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an enhancement to the security of your SSOid by adding a simple step to the sign in process to validate your identity when you access certain HKBU IT resources. Registration of a mobile device is required. Please refer to the guideline about the setup procedures.

  3. Access your emails
    HKBU email service makes use of Outlook offered by Microsoft Office Service. You may check out our guidelines about the setup on different devices.

  4. The HKBU Mobile
    HKBU Mobile is an official mobile app for the HKBU community. It provides access to essential HKBU information and services. Staff can search other contacts information and read daily e-Announcements in the mobile app. For more information on HKBU Mobile, please click here.

  5. The University Portal – BUniPort
    BUniPort is an information gateway that connects the University, students and staff. Through the BUniPort, you can get access to your HKBU email, personal profile, study information, the library system as well as other IT services.

  6. Get your Office 365 and ESET Internet Security software
    HKBU current staff are entitled to install Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus and ESET Internet Security software in their personal Windows/Mac computers for free, with a maximum of 5 machines for Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus.

  7. Stay online on and off Campus
    You can access free Wi-Fi Service on campus and off campus Wi-Fi with your SSOid account.

  8. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service
    HKBU current staff and Research Postgraduate Students can apply for VPN service. Please refer to the guidelines .

  9. UChat
    UChat is an enterprise-based unified communication mobile app, designed especially for HKBU staff to communicate with each other with text messaging, file sharing and voice call capabilities.

  10. Staff Handbook of Information Security
    The Staff Handbook of Information Security has been prepared to remind all staff of their roles and responsibilities in protecting the University information when using its IT resources. Please read and understand this handbook to facilitate responsible use of HKBU’s information resources.

  11. Explore all IT services
    Discover and access a wide array of IT services that cater to your requirements. You are welcome to contact us for help.