[2016-08-31] Hong Kong Baptist University Information Kiosk

To : All Staff
From : I-Display Working Group

Hong Kong Baptist University Information Kiosk

We are delighted to let you know that the Information Kiosk will officially launch on 1 September 2016 (Thursday). To provide an easy access to University information and campus directory to guests and visitors, seven information kiosks have been installed at main entrances of the University, Kowloon Tong Campuses. The kiosks are located at Shaw Tower, Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Academic and Administration Building, Communication and Visual Arts Building, Fong Shu Chuen Library and OEN Hall Building. Each kiosk comes in the form of a large display panel (47” in diagonal) with touch-screen user interface that provides information of the University.
University information includes:

(1) Today’s Events
(2) e-News & Events
(3) Amenity & Facilities
(4) Buildings, Faculties & Departments, Administrative Offices
(5) Public Transport
(6) Shopping Places near the campus

* Today’s Events is automatically retrieved from CPRO’s Events Calendar. e-News and Events (University events) are online university news and events poster. Amenity & Facilities, Buildings, Faculties & Departments, Administrative Offices and Public Transport show the way to the venue or facilities.

When the kiosk is idle for five minutes without any interaction with user, slide show of event posters will pop-up. To incorporate your event poster in the slide show, please send us the poster of portrait orientation in jpeg format and indicate the period of display duration.
Should there be any comment or further information required, please feel free to contact Mr. Douglas Hu, the Secretary of the I-Display Working Group, at Ext. 7448.

Thank you for your kind attention.

I-Display Working Group

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