[2017-07-14] Phishing emails with fake university website/login page

To : All Staff and Students

From : Office of Information Technology

Phishing emails with fake university website/login page

ITO has recently been notified by other sister institutions that a large number of phishing emails have been delivered to their users. Targeting specifically at universities, such emails may appear to have come from a legitimate sender (such as a unit/department of a university) but will contain a URL linking to a fake website or login page which looks similar or exactly the same as the original web/login page.

If you receive any extraordinary while unsolicited email apparently originating from any department/office of the University, before clicking on any URL provided, please check whether such URL is genuine. One of the effective checking is to ensure the URL under a proper domain (i.e. ending with “.hkbu.edu.hk”) by moving the mouse pointer over the URL and examining the address displayed (please refer to the attached samples).

Do not rely solely on the displayed name of the sender or description of an embedded URL. Never click on any link in a suspicious email. Report any suspicious email, when found, to ITO immediately. When in doubt or have been trapped by phishing email, please seek help from ITO as soon as possible.

For any inquiry, please contact our Service Call Centre at 3411-7899 or email to hotline@hkbu.edu.hk.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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