[2018-01-10] Booking of AV/Computing Equipment in Classrooms

To : All Teaching Staff with scheduled classes in U-wide Classrooms
From : Office of Information Technology

Booking of AV/Computing Equipment in Classrooms

ITO is pleased to remind you that the booking of standard AV/Computing Equipment for scheduled classes should be made before the semester begins. Please make use of our Semester Classroom AV/Computing Equipment Booking Services : Classroom AV Equipment Form – Semester Classroom Booking (2017-18 Semester 2), with reference to the List of AV Equipment & PC Provisions in each classroom, to submit your booking request(s).

In case you require any additional or special AV/Computing Equipment other than the standard provision, you are welcome to contact our Teaching Support Unit Hotline at Ext. 7246 to check their availability and to confirm reservation at least two working days before the class session starts.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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