Can I request for an additional email account?

Email accounts for all staff, students and departments have already been automatically created.  There are occasions where departments / staff may require additional accounts to facilitate their educational collaboration or legitimate business with the University.  For such, special email accounts may be requested by departments/offices for the following purposes:

  • Research centre / institution
  • University event / activity / conference / consultation session / forum
  • Academic project
  • Staff recruited and stationed in PRC / HKBU affiliates
  • New academic programme / concentration
  • Special committee / functional body

Guideline for Email Account Creation:

  1. All accounts should be provided on a need basis;
  2. Allow sufficient lead time for account processing;
  3. Proper justification is expected;
  4. Multiple accounts should not be requested for a particular identity for different operating functions, e.g. different email accounts for different kinds of email topics;
  5. An application should be authorized by the Dean of Faculty/School, Director of Centre/Programme or Head of Department/Office;
  6. All accounts created upon request will have a validity period of no more than 3 years for which subsequent extension may be requested if needed.