How phone calls to ITO’s Service Call Centre are handled?

As the University activities continue to increase, the Service Call Centre is receiving more and more enquiry calls from outside concerning new courses, study programmes, functions, seminars, etc.

We aim at consistently providing quality and efficient services and below is a summary on our standard procedure for call handling:

If the caller can identify the staff, the call will be forwarded to that staff directly as far as possible.  If the call is not answered, the operator will pick up the line again and inform the caller.
For all other calls, the operator will enquire about the nature of the call and, where appropriate, forward the call to the relevant Faculty/School/Department/Office’s general enquiry extension number as maintained in the University’s e-Directory. Where necessary, ITO can assist Faculties/Schools/Departments/Offices in making needed call forwarding arrangement.
The University has installed IVRS’s (Interactive Voice Response System) for use by AR, SCE, Library, PERS and FO as these offices receive relatively more enquires.  Where appropriate, calls made to the Service Call Centre may also be forwarded to such IVRS.