How to Protect my Microsoft Office Documents?

Microsoft provides a password-protection feature for you to safeguard your Office document including Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

A password is case-sensitive and can be up to 255 characters. We highly recommend you to set a password with at least 8 characters. Microsoft adopts AES 128-bit advanced encryption by default. You can choose other encryption techniques if you want. When choosing a password, you may consider to combine uppercase and lowercase letter, number and symbol for a stronger protection. For instance, Y68h!et5 is a strong password whereas House27 is a weak one. It is important that you must remember your password. If you forgot your password, ITO or even Microsoft is not able to open your Office documents.

The procedures for setting password in Microsoft Office documents are as follow:

For Office 2010 & 2013 Documents

1) In an open document, click File > Info >

  • Protect Document (for Word document)
  • Protect Excel (for Excel worksheet)
  • Protect Powerpoint (for Powerpoint presentation)
2) Select Encrypt with Password, the Encrypt Document dialog box appears.
3) In the Encrypt Document dialog box, type your password in the Password box and then click the OK button.
4) In the Confirm Password dialog box, type the password again in the Reenter password box.
5) To make the password effective, you need to save the document once as usual by clicking the Save icon.