Policy for posting e-Announcement

  1. Announcements can be prepared in either pure text (English or Chinese), PDF or HTML format. Image attachment in GIF and JPEG format could also be linked in the HTML documents. Departments/Offices should set the announcement outlook themselves and ITO is not responsible for the content editing as well as the layout setting. Alternatively, departments/offices can also house their announcements in their own Web site and simply provide the URL linkage instead.
  2. The announcement details together with the Request for e-Announcement Posting form should reach ITO before 4:30 p.m. (for Monday to Friday) of the date of posting. ITO will prepare an e-Announcement notification message and deliver it to each individual user’s mailbox during the low network traffic period. As ITO has set up an automatic delivery mechanism for the daily announcement messages, departments/offices should stick to the above submission deadlines. ITO is unable to accept late requests because it involves a lot of manual adjustments to cater for any last minute changes.
  3. When filling in the Request for e-Announcement Posting form, departments/offices MUST classify the nature of the posting as either Notice or Activity. These two groups of information will appear as two separate columns in the e-Announcement notification message. As a general guideline, Notice refers to information that involves daily operation of the University and that supports administrative function, while Activity covers information that calls for participation to activities organized by members of the University on or off campus.
  4. Other than current day posting, departments/offices may request to post their announcement on another day. They have to state clearly on the Date of Posting column in the request form. ITO will then only process the standing instruction on the day indicated.
  5. An announcement with the same content details is allowed to be re-posted once only as a reminder.
  6. The announcement request form can be submitted through online at http://announce.hkbu.edu.hk/index_epost.php.
  7. The message headline is programmed to accommodate up to 150 bytes only. With Unicode, each English and Chinese character counts 2 bytes. Users are advised to use the same message headline that appears in the caption of the Announcement content to facilitate searching feature.
  8. For enquiries about the e-Announcement postings, please contact ITO Services Call Centre 3411-7899 or e-mail hotline@hkbu.edu.hk.