Server & Web Hosting

ITO provides departmental share drive and web/server hosting service to the University staff. Basically, free entitled storage for S-drive and Web Hosting Service should have been allocated to each department/office for information sharing. If additional disk space is required, a nominal rental charge will be levied.

Request for additional share drive or web/server storage is limited to the Staff, Departments and Programmes only.  Applicants should submit a Service Request via Request Forms and provide proof of endorsement from Head of Department/Office.

ITO did not charge for standard provision on Server & Web Hosting services. If there is any request beyond the standard provision, monthly charges may apply.

Admin Owner Type Charge (HKD/Month)
Users Departmental Share Drive (S-Drive)
ITO Web hosting
ITO Server hosting*
Users Server hosting*
* Not including application configuration & software licenses

Note : For those departments/offices who, at present, have enjoyed free entitled storage for S-drive or/ and web hosting, the charge would only be imposed when further disk space is requested.

Charging Scheme