I. Background of Data Centre Management

Data center management is a holistic process to oversee the operational and technical issues within a data centre or server room. It covers environmental control, physical security, hardware server operations and management of the services and applications used for data processing.

Through implementing a series of operational procedures and deploying specialised hardware and software, data centre management provides IT operational staff a clear picture of universities' data centre operating status, including real-time information on health, connectivity and resource utilisation, to effectively manage the data centers. A comprehensive data centre management solution also integrates information technology and facility / infrastructure management disciplines to provide necessary security control to protect universities' information assets from various threats.

Some basic components of data centre management are:

Environmental Control

The physical environment of a data centre, including temperature, humidity, power supply, is rigorously controlled since system hardware can only operate normally within defined ranges of temperature, humidity and voltage. Environmental control devices usually include air conditioning, ventilation system, temperature / humidity sensors, power surge suppressors and UPS.

In addition, current data centre management practice also aims at protecting IT assets from environmental hazards, such as fire and floods, by deploying fire suppression systems and raised floor.

Physical Security

Data centre security is becoming an integral part of robust and thriving data centre management solutions. Systems and devices hosted within data centres store sensitive information and support mission critical services of universities. With the increasing reliance on IT services in universities daily operations, data centres have become high-value targets and should be adequately protected from being compromised, both logically and physically.

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