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ITO provides multimedia production and media design for University staff and department to support teaching, learning and research, services include:

Video Shooting & Video Production

Facilities include Digital Video cameras (located at RRS-3/F on Ho Sin Hang Campus) for producing various kinds of educational programs and on-location video recording of demonstrations, workshops, seminars, lectures and special events. Editing is done with Adobe Premiere Pro with computer graphics and special effects. Video outputs can be converted into UHD(4K) & HD MPEG 4 format.

ITO also offers video production services to transform brands and ideas into story-telling to engage the audiences. Our products included Departmental videos, Interviews, Training videos and Presentation videos which cater for different needs and purposes.

Scope of Services

  • Video Shooting
  • Video Editing
  • Video Production
  • 360 video
  • Technical and operational consultations



Photo-taking includes events and portraits photography, photo retouching, high quality photo printout and consultation.

Scope of Services

  • Photo taking (events and portraits)
  • Photo post-production
  • Photo reproduction
  • High quality photo printout

A professional photography Studio is located at RRS304G, Ho Sin Hang Campus.



ITO provides the design and production of flipping ebooks, transforming traditional PDFs into dynamic, interactive digital experiences. Optimized for all devices, our service enriches content presentation with page-turning effects and integrated multimedia elements.


Video on Demand

ITO supports the University-wide Video-on-demand (VoD) servers for users to present video clippings like seminars and special functions. Currently, there is a number of collections available for viewing at the user desktop PC’s, including lectures given by some distinguished speakers. Certain programs are also viewable outside our Intranet (as indicated on the web).

  • The quality (resolution) of all high definition videos is 1920 x 1080. The bitrate is 3000kbps and the framerate is 25fps.
  • The videos can be watched only within the campuses and/or watched by users who login with HKBU’s SSOid.
  • All videos are encoded based on H.264 and ACC standard.

To help you better preparing for a video production, we have set out the FAQs that will give you more ideas before writing the brief of your video production project.

Please refer to the specific service for charging details.


UGC funded (HKD)

Non-UGC funded (HKD)

Video-shooting / editing

✓ (per hour)

✓ (per hour)

Video-dubbing / conversion

✓ (per video)

✓ (per video)

Audio-recording / editing

✓ (per hour)

✓ (per hour)

Photo-taking / Photo-editing

✓ (per hour)

✓ (per hour)

Encoding Video-on-Demand

✓(per hour)

✓(per hour)

Guideline for users when raising Multimedia Requests:

  1. Submit the “Multimedia Production / AV Services Request Form” to ITO with sufficient lead time and information.

  2. All job requests are first come first served.

  3. No part of the ITO’s production may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, WITHOUT the written permission from ITO.