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Share Drive and Web/Server Hosting Service

ITO provides departmental share drive and web/server hosting service to staff and Departments/Offices.  Basically, all Departments/Offices are already allocated free storage for the purposes of Share Drive and Web Hosting.  If additional disk space is required, a nominal rental charge will apply.

Remote Computer Lab services

ITO provides Azure Lab Services to enable quick setup for classroom lab environments in the cloud.

Please click the following links for the Azure Lab connection guide:

Server & Web Hosting

No charge will be incurred for Server & Web Hosting services.  For any request beyond the standard provision, monthly charges may apply.

Admin Owner


Charge (HKD/Month)


Departmental Share Drive (S-Drive)


Web hosting


Server hosting*


Server hosting*

* Not including application configuration & software licenses

Note : For those Departments/Offices who, at present, have enjoyed free entitled storage for S-drive or/ and web hosting, the charge would only be imposed when further disk space is requested.


Azure Lab Services

Service Charge

UGC funded

Non-UGC funded

Azure Lab Services

Request for domain name server registration, server / web hosting, additional share drive or web/server storage or data restore is limited to staff, Departments/Offices and Programmes only. Applicants should submit a Service Request via Request Forms and provide proof of endorsement from Head of Department/Office.

For details on Data Backup Policy, please click here.

For details on Privileged Account Management Policy, please click here.

For details on Data Centre Access Policy, please click here (for ITO personnel only).