Important Notice
  • [2024-03-28] Transfer of University Photography and Videography team from ITO to UEO

    Effective 1 April 2024, the Photography and Videography services will be transferred from ITO to the newly established University Engagement Office (UEO), aimed at enhancing the University's stakeholder engagement and brand strengthening in Mainland China. Please be assured that the team would continue to render the excellent services and there will be no service disruption because of the transfer. For service details, please refer to the UEO webpage.

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MATLAB – for students, faculty members and researchers

MATLAB helps users better understand and leverage a wide range of engineering, science and mathematical applications, such as machine learning, computational finance and computational biology.Simulink offers insights through model building and simulation. Users can instantly analyse the dynamics of different complex systems such as control systems, signal processing systems and communication systems.


Since MATLAB TAH subscription has expired on Nov 30, 2020, existing MATLAB users will see a warning. To extend the MATLAB usage for one more year without installation, existing MATLAB users may deactivate and activate the MATLAB software using the given functions in your MATLAB help menu on Windows or on MacOSX.