Application development is an important branch of ITO’s services.  Our in-house development teams specialize in the design, development, and support of various systems of the University.  They include the centralized authentication portal system, information systems for the University community, administration systems for the students, finance and human resources, and other systems tailor-made to meet specific needs.


The office also provides management information and key performance indicators for strategic management such as academic planning, quality assurance and resource allocation.  For more information, see Management Information Provision.

In order to better manage the mobile Apps developed by various Departments/Offices while to maintain a consistent image of the University, ITO is assigned to be the administrator for deploying any mobile Apps of the University by the Information Technology Committee (ITC).  Web/Mobile applications developed by ITO:

  • HKBU Mobile
    • An official mobile app for the University community to enjoy different kinds of services in one single platform including HKBU news and events, campus map, e-Directory, student’s academic related information and etc.

  • UChat
    • UChat is an enterprise-based unified communication mobile app, designed especially for HKBU staff to communicate with each other with text messaging, file sharing and voice call capabilities.
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  • University Cyber Port System (BUniPort)
    • BUniPort stands for the University Cyber Port System.  It is a unique, universal and unified cyber port and information gateway that bridges the University, students and staff.  Through the BUniPort, you can get access to your HKBU email, study records, class and examination schedules, library system as well as other IT services.
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The Information Systems Section (ISS) of the Office of Information Technology is charged with the responsibilities of developing information systems in support of the daily operations of the University and providing management information and key performance indicators for strategic management such as academic planning, quality assurance and resource allocation.

The service complements Qualtrics by integrating SSOid control into a survey / questionnaire, offering extra benefits such as:

  • Only users within a prescribed group (e.g. All Staff, All Students, a supplied SSOid list) will be able to access and respond to the invitation

  • Respondents are automatically identified with basic information (SSOid, name, department and usertype [staff/student]) filled

  • Multiple responses by a same respondent will be prevented


Note: Qualtrics is a cloud service already subscribed to for use by all staff and students of the University to create surveys, questionnaires etc.  It features a user-friendly web-interface for creating function-rich surveys (with 22 primary question types such as M/C, matrix, user-defined scale, rank specification, percentage allocation and smiley face scale) and reviewing/interpreting results.

  • An integrated central database for all mission-critical systems

  • Role-based design with data distributed to staff and students on need-to-know basis

  • Seamless integration with different Web technologies

  • Information delivered on common platform via University Portal

Service Charge

UGC funded

Non-UGC funded

Design and Develop Web /Mobile application