O365 Migration

The university will switch from using Google Workspace to Microsoft Office 365 (O365) between June and August 2022. The "switch" is our response to Google’s new storage policy that significantly shrinks the storage space allocated to each user. With O365, each user will be allocated 50GB of email and 1TB OneDrive storage, which is sufficient for the majority of our university community.

The migration to O365 will involve the transfer of Google Workspace contents (e.g. Gmail messages, Google calendar events, Google Drive documents, and Google Photos) to the corresponding Microsoft services (e.g. Outlook and OneDrive).

O365 Migration O365 Migration

Mapping between the Existing Contents and the New Services

Services From: Google Workspace (WS) To: MS Office 365 (O365)
Email, Calendar & Contacts

Gmail Google Calendar

Email (50 GB) & Calendar on Outlook.com and Outlook Mobile App
Cloud Storage Google Drive OneDrive (1 TB) on Web / App
Photo Google Photo OneDrive (as cloud storage only)
Online Meeting / Unified Communications

Meet Chat

Teams Meeting/Chat
Document Processing

Google Docs Editors

Word Excel PowerPoint

Online Form Google Forms Microsoft Forms
Website Building Google Sites SharePoint Site

Migration Arrangement and Suggested Action

Types of User Account Migration Suggested Action
Start End
Staff SSOid @hkbu.edu.hk(1)(2) 16 May 2022 31 August 2022 Check Data Migrated by ITO
SSOid @staff.hkbu.edu.hk(3)

(Optional: only applicable to those who have uploaded files, or email messages in the account)

6 June 2022 Perform Self-service Data Export & Migration
Associate / Retiree SSOid @assoicate.hkbu.edu.hk(1)(2) 6 June 2022 Check Data Migrated by ITO
Department / Project SSOid @hkbu.edu.hk(1)(2) 16 May 2022
SSOid @project.hkbu.edu.hk(1)(2)
Student / Alumni / Student Organisation SSOid @life.hkbu.edu.hk(4)

SSOid @so.hkbu.edu.hk(4)

15 June 2022 Perform Self-service Data Export & Migration

(1)  ITO will perform the Email & Data Migration in phases. Users will be informed by email of the migration details in advance.

(2) Email will continue to deliver to Gmail until relevant staff/associate has performed the Self-service Switch-Over ON/BEFORE 31 August 2022.

(3) [SSOid @staff.hkbu.edu.hk] Google accounts for BUniPort services will RETIRE on 31 August 2022. Thereafter, all contents will be READ-ONLY and permanently DELETED on 31 August 2023.

(4) All incoming emails will be delivered to Gmail and Outlook webmail simultaneously on 15 to 30 June 2022.

Other References for Data Export and Migration

Google Help Center: Manage your information



Google Help Center: How to download your Google data (a.k.a “Google Takeout")



Google Help Center: See devices with account access