List of Rooms Supported by ITO for A/V Equipment

Standard Classrooms and Lecture Theatres

Campus Classrooms Lecture Theatres Sub-Total
BUR AAB203, AAB204, AAB205, AAB206, AAB207, AAB502, AAB503, AAB504, AAB505, AAB506, AAB507, AAB508, AAB606, AAB608, AAB609, AAB610, AAB611, AAB612, AAB613, AAB614, AAB705, AAB706, AAB707, AAB708, AAB709, AAB710, AAB711, ACC204, CVA105, CVA108, CVA109, CVA110, CVA112, CVA202, CVA203, CVA204, CVA205, CVA210 CVA111, SCM012 40
HSH ASH916, CEC801, CEC803, CEC911, LMC509, LMC512, LMC514, OEM602,OEM603, OEM609, OEM904, OEM905, OEW704 OEE1017, LT1 LT2, LT3 17
SHAW DLB111, DLB702, DLB712, DLB719, DLB721, WLB201, WLB202, WLB203, WLB204, WLB205, WLB206, WLB207, WLB208, WLB209, WLB210, WLB211 WLB103, WLB104, WLB109 19
Total 76

Special Purpose Rooms and Meeting Rooms

Campus Special Rooms Sub-Total
BUR AAB301, AAB302, AAB303, AAB402A, AAB402K, AAB402L, AAB402M, AAB704, AAB903B, AAB906, AAB908 11
HSH Chap, FSC501, OEE601, OEE602, OEE603, OEE702A, OEE702B, RRS401, RRS905, SPH 10
SHAW WLB105, WLB106, WLB107, SWT501, SWT504, SWT505, SWT701, SWT702, SWT803, SCC Level 2 Multi-purpose Hall 10
Total 31