Important Notice

ITO offers various communication channels for the University members.  To request for the service, please submit a Service Request via Request Forms.

UChat is an enterprise-based unified communication mobile app, designed especially for HKBU staff to communicate with each other with text messaging, file sharing and voice call capabilities.  UChat runs on Android devices as well as iPhones and iPads.  Same text messaging and file sharing features will also be available on BUniPort as a browser version.


With UChat app, your mobile is not only a personal phone, but it also acts simultaneously as your VoIP phone on your office desk when connected to Internet with the benefits below:

  • Free of any IDD charge when calling any HK telephone number from overseas
  • An option to receive and pick up calls made to your office phone
  • Directly access your office voicemail


Click here to know more about UChat

The electronic fax service (eFax) can replace all the individual fax machines in Departments/Offices. With the new service, users will be able to send and receive faxes on their PCs in electronic formats, as well as retrieve and organize fax archive from desktop in a few clicks. All the existing fax numbers owned by Departments/Offices can be migrated to the new fax service at no cost.

Click here to know more about eFax

e-Announcement is an electronic channel to disseminate information to the University community through the BUniPort as well as emails (option to opt out).  Note also the following arrangement regarding e-Announcement posting:



e-Announcement Posting Request

Cutoff time is 4:30pm (Mon – Fri)

Posting of e-Announcement

Posting will be arranged on the same day in the evening (Mon – Fri)

ITO offers 3 different types of Video Conference solutions for both point-to-point and multipoint video calls with local and/or overseas participants.  Besides, a ready-for-use video conferencing setup has been made available at SWT-803, SWT-504 and RRS-305A (Polycom).


Polycom Room System

ITO has acquired an H.323 standard HD Video Conferencing Unit which offers video conference service at selected locations in the University


WebEx (Free)

WebEx is a cloud-based service which supports instant messaging, voice/video conference with multiple parties via the Internet:

  • Runs on PC (Windows/Mac) and mobile (iOS/Android/Windows)
  • Supports PC desktop sharing


HSH Campus

SHAW Campus

BUR Campus


AC Hall, LT-1, LT-2, LT-3




Chapel, Lecture Theaters, Classroom and meeting room with network access managed by ITO

Since 1 September 2016, seven Information Kiosks with touch-screen capabilities have been installed at the main entrances of the Kowloon Tong campuses to allow guests and visitors interactive access to University information (such as Today’s Events, Amenities & Facilities, Public Transport and Shopping Places nearby) and campus directory.  Another important function provided is a slideshow of endorsed posters for promoting events or making U-wide announcements during the idle time of a Kiosk (i.e. after 5 minutes without user interaction).

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a new TV platform service running on network infrastructure in order to replace existing CABD (Communal Aerial Broadcast Distribution) system.

Without changing the TV content (channels), new IPTV platform at user end only requires a TSP, SetTop Box and Display equipment (e.g. TV set) with HDMI interface for connection establishment.

It is a platform for content dissemination for event/programme footage and promotions, University news and announcements, documentaries etc in video or audio format.


Types of programme

  1. Event /programme promotions

  2. University news and announcements

  3. Daily inspirational messages

  4. Image building initiatives

  5. Events/activities footage

  6. Student show reels

  7. Documentaries


For details, please access the iCandy Webpage.

  1. Departments/Offices should submit their e-Announcements in either pure text (English or Chinese), PDF or HTML formats.  Content containing GIF and JPEG images should be embedded in a HTML or converted to a PDF file.  Departments/Offices should also be responsible for the content/layout in consideration of user reading experience.  ITO will not be responsible for any editing on behalf of individual Department/Office.  Alternatively, Departments/Offices can also host their announcements on their own website and simply provide the URL instead.

  2. The announcement details together with the Request for e-Announcement Posting form should reach ITO before 4:30 p.m. (for Monday to Friday) of the date of posting.  ITO will prepare an e-Announcement notification message and deliver it to individual user’s mailbox during the low network traffic period.  As ITO has set up an automatic delivery mechanism for the daily announcement messages, Departments/Offices are requested to stick to the cutoff time.  Request received after the cutoff time will not be processed.

  3. e-Announcements should be on matters relating to the support and administrative functions of the University such as calling for registration, enrollment or response to surveys or notice on the availability of facilities or services. Postings regarding HKBU events/activities such as ceremony, exhibition, lecture, seminar, colloquium and performance should instead make use of the HKBU Event Calendar. For more information, please enquire with CPRO or refer to the HKBU Event Calendar Guidelines in BUniport under “U-Wide Policies & Info” > “Communications Guidelines”

  4. Other than current day posting, Departments/Offices may request to post their announcement on another day.  They have to state clearly on the Date of Posting column in the request form.  ITO will then only arrange for posting the announcement on the day indicated.

  5. An announcement with the same content details is allowed to be re-posted once only as a reminder.

  6. The announcement request form must be submitted online at

  7. The message headline can accommodate up to 150 bytes only.  With Unicode, each English or Chinese character will be counted as 2 bytes.  Users are advised to use the same message headline that appears in the caption of the Announcement content to facilitate searching.

  8. For enquiries about e-Announcement postings, please contact ITO Service Call Centre at 3411-7899 or e-mail to

Please note the following guidelines before submitting the requests:

  1. Request for service should be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

  2. Camera, A/V facilities (TV, Projectors) and shooting service are NOT included.

  3. User should provide their own equipment with specification below:
    • Video source: Camera with HDMI output
    • Display equipment: TV/projector with HDMI input


User Guide



Video Conference

IPTV / TV Stations & Channels









Video Conference (Polycom Room System)

Live Broadcast Services

Information Kiosk


IPTV / TV Stations & Channels

iCandy (Content hosting)