Important Notice
  • [2024-03-28] Transfer of University Photography and Videography team from ITO to UEO

    Effective 1 April 2024, the Photography and Videography services will be transferred from ITO to the newly established University Engagement Office (UEO), aimed at enhancing the University's stakeholder engagement and brand strengthening in Mainland China. Please be assured that the team would continue to render the excellent services and there will be no service disruption because of the transfer. For service details, please refer to the UEO webpage.

Quite a number of TV channels (HKBU TV Station and TV Channel Guide), including local and satellite programs, are being carried through the IPTV platform. Throughout the University, users will be able to receive the same set of TV programs by using the Set Top Box of IPTV.  Users may request installation of Set Top Box if there are genuine needs for academic/administrative purpose.  The following guidelines will have to be observed.

  1. The requesting party submits their request with justifications to ITO who then will liaise with EO for technical study as well as cost estimations (TSP if needed);

  2. If the request is technically feasible and that the service requested is solely used by the department/office, then the requesting department/office is expected to bear the installation costs (i.e. TSP + Set Top Box);

  3. On the other hand, if the service requested affects the overall infrastructure or needs a substantial modification in the existing system, then the request would be submitted (via ITO) to the IT Committee for approval and funding where appropriate;

  4. When things in item (1) and (2) above are sorted out, ITO will liaise with EO for tender preparation and/or installation works;

  5. It is the responsibility of the requestor to provide TV sets of their own for TV receptions.  The maintenance of TV sets does not fall within the responsibilities of EO and ITO;

  6. ITO will be responsible for the service and maintenance of the IPTV platform system, which including Set Top Box.  Therefore, other than the TV set problems, users should first report to ITO for reception problems.