IT Security

Information security incidents shall be reported to relevant supervisor, Head of Department/Office and the Information Security Manager (ISM) of ITO who is also the Secretary of the Information Security Sub-committee immediately after they are identified or are suspected to have existed. Significant and critical incidents should also be reported to the President and Vice-Chancellor and/or Vice-Presidents via the ISM as appropriate, depending on the impact type and severity level.

Examples of security incidents are as follows:

  • Unauthorised modification or deletion of data;
  • Unauthorised modification of the system software, hardware or connections;
  • Modification of system hardware, software or connections in breach of the Information Security Policy;
  • Hacking or attempted hacking by insidersor outsiders;
  • Suspected or actual illegal activity;
  • Unauthorised use of systems for personal gain or purposes; and
  • Unauthorised copying of information or software.
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