Important Notice
For Staff For Staff
Not for student Not for student
Not for alumni Not for alumni

IP phones (Cisco) are deployed within HKBU campuses, replacing the traditional analog system.  As a standard provision, a telephone extension and a phone set would be provided to :

  • Each full-time staff (clerical grade or above),

  • Each non-full-time staff office,

  • Each serving point such as Library circulation counter,

  • Any office that accommodate more than five non-full-time staff members,

  • Any laboratory, workshop, studio, lecture theatre, Council Chamber control room and alike.

If there is any request beyond the standard provision, charges may apply.

No charge will be incurred for standard provision on Telephone services.  If there is any request beyond the standard provision, one-time or monthly rental charges may apply.

Additional Telephone Services

One Time Charge(HKD)

Monthly Rental Charge(HKD)

Add new telephone/fax line

Add speed-dial expansion module 7914* for 7960

IP Phone Set (Standard)

IP Phone Set (Executive)

Fax line

IVR (Interactive Voice Response System)**

*The IP 7914 Expansion Module is reserved for departmental/office secretaries only.  **Annual maintenance will be charged.

Policy of approving IDD Connections

From time to time, there are requests for enabling IDD connections. The IDD usage costs are borne by the respective Department/Office These requests can be categorized into two types.

1. Primary Lines

IDD connections are enabled for the primary line of the Head of Department/Office (HoD) and for his/her secretary’s primary line with the HoD’s approval.  IDD connections are also available for primary line of a staff who is recommended by his/her HoD.  Those IDD-enabled extensions will be provided with a unique password which will be prompted while making IDD calls.

2. Faxlines

IDD connections are granted for all faxlines with the HoD’s approval. To reduce the waiting time for password prompt, no password entry is required for IDD faxing as of 1 September 2004.