USB Encryption


By encrypting sensitive / confidential data with a password, USB encryption helps you to protect these information from leakage due to lost of USB drive.

Your computer should be running domain-joined Windows 10, having ESET Endpoint Security installed and logged in using your SSOid.

Refer to the user guide 'Using Encrypted Drive in Office' for details. Please always backup your data on the drive before performing encryption.

All unencrypted data are fully accessible.

Simply put your files inside 'Encrypted' folder. Files will be automatically encrypted and a password (created during the preparation of the USB drive encryption) is needed to access them from home PCs.

No. The password is needed only when you are going to access encrypted data from home PCs.

You may reset the password using an office PC. Refer to the user guide 'Reset Password for Encrypted Drive' for details.

To apply encryption to the USB drive, it must

1. Have no hardware or software encryption applied before
2. Be formatted in either FAT32 or NTFS
3. Contain only 1 partition
4. Be recognized as a USB storage device
5. Be configured using MBR partition scheme (for USB hard disk)

In other words, encryption is not supported in the following scenarios:
a. Internal storage in mobile phones
b. USB drive with built-in encryption
c. USB drive formatted in exFAT
d. USB hard drive with multiple partitions
e. USB drive configured using GPT partition scheme (common in those with storage over 2TB)

In these cases, you may continue using the USB drive without encryption. Please refrain from saving any sensitive / confidential data to the USB drive.

It is noticed that on some home PCs, user may take a longer while to save files in encrypted drive. If it happens to you and you need to frequently save files to the encrypted drive, consider installing the 'USB Encryption Home Agent' to mitigate the situation.

Download 64-bit Home Agent       Download 32-bit Home Agent

Installation Guide

An activation key is required. Please contact ITO Service Call Centre at 3411 7899 or to obtain the activation key (one activation key per user). After activation, the experience of using encrypted drive at home will be the same as using encrypted drive in office.

Be sure to encrypt all sensitive / confidential data with a password (using 7-zip, for example) before saving them in removable media.

Make sure all encrypted data has been properly transferred in advance as doing so will permentantly delete all encrypted data.

1. Plug your USB drive into an office PC.
2. On the office PC, right click on ESET Endpoint Encryption tray icon, then select "Removable Media", and finally select "Removable Media Encryption".
3. Select the drive you wish to have encryption removed. Click "Remove".
4. Read the warning message. Click "Yes" if you would like to proceed.
5. The encryption has been removed on your USB drive. Click "OK" to finish. Done.