Service Category Policies/Guidelines
 Account & Password SSOid Account Policy
SSOid Account User Guides
Guidelines on using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
User Account Password Policy
User Account (SSOid) Management Policy (for ITO personnel only)
Personal Computer & Printer Termination of Accounts
Guidelines on Energy Saving and Green Computing
Email Email Account Creation Policy
Guidelines on using Gmail
Email Setup User Guides
Email Disclaimer and Environment Protection Slogan
Mass Mail Distribution Policy
Email Anti-Spamming System User Guide
Wi-Fi & Network Access Campus Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service

Software Licensing Software Licensing Policy
Activating Microsoft Products
Guidelines for Microsoft Products Activation
Multimedia Production Guideline for Users when raising Multimedia Requests
Classroom AV Equipment Teaching Support Policies & Guidelines
Standard classroom AV equipment list

Printing Services Web Printing
Suitable for most users. No client app is needed.

Mobile Printing Client App
Install client app if you need to combine multiple pages into a single sheet (N-up).

Communications e-Announcement Posting Policy
Guideline on Live Broadcast Services
UChat: Installation & Quick Start Guide


Video Conferencing

IPTV / TV Stations & Channels

e-Learning BU eLearning Platforms Help Guides
Server & Web Hosting Data Backup Policy
Privileged Account Management Policy
Data Centre Access Policy (for ITO personnel only)
Web Application & Development Development Approach & Strategies
Security Guidelines for Development and Maintenance of University/Departmental Web and Mobile Applications
IT Security General Principles of Information Security
Guidelines for Information Security Incident Handling
Guidelines for Information Classification and Handling
Guidelines for Usage of Information Resources
Password-protected Screensaver Policy
User Account Password Policy
Physical Access Security Standard
Remote Access Security Standard
Disaster Recovery Standard
Security Guidelines for Development and Maintenance of University/Departmental Web and Mobile Applications
Cloud Service Policy
Two-Factor Authentication: Policy / Guideline
Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) Policy
Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) Policy
Staff Handbook of Information Security
Facilities HKBU User Computing Centre Rules and Regulations